I contacted Alyssa Orchard at Nice Saint Bernard for a purebred puppy. We spoke on the phone back and forth for a whole weekend. Sunday we decided to go ahead and make the purchase. She says she is in Florida but who knows. She said we would be contacted by the airport on Monday morning to let her know ASAP when I heard from Worldwide Pet Transport Services. This being my first time doing this, was called Monday morning at 7:30 by this Worldwide Pet Transport Services stating I needed to get them a money pack or the puppy would lose the flight. Well, being in a hurry I scrambled and scanned the card to them. I let Alyssa Orchard know the money was sent. An hour later the transport service calls me and says the insurance on this puppy expired and I needed to come up with $1500 totally refundable once the puppy got here. Well, by then my daughter had read on scams, and this was a red signal. I told them no, and they said that they were going to report me for animal abuse, since I was now the registered owner. They hounded me for two days, and all I said was no money. That was it. Never saw my money or puppy again. There is no Alyssa Orchard. It is run by some type of french men. They all sound alike on the phone and on their Transport phone number. Beware!!

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