This company and owner are well know as rip off artists. He has a filthy old store at 15 Camden High Street as well as operating the websites and nThe owner is a rude old tyrant who trades on the naivety of others. My girlfriend bought me a gift from his shop which didn’t fit my camera equipment – When I returned it the next day, he issued me with a cash slip which he said I could trade in against another item. When I returned a little later to exchange the cash slip, he told me that he would no longer accept it – effectively stealing my money. He also swore at and insulted me the whole time I was in his disgusting establishment. I have taken the issue up with the Citizens Advice Bureau. My advice would be never to do business with this individual, or ever purchase anything through his websites. There are plenty of other similar tales across the internet about him.

15 Camden High Street Internet United States of America

0207 916 7251

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