Complaint: My husband met Nick Napoli and Casey Mooney of C.M. Pavers & Hardscapes at a job they were doing near our home. Casey Mooney (owner) sent his employee, Nick Napoli, to our home to discuss the job we were looking to have done. Nick took down the info, gave my husband his business card, and went back to his job. Nick came back to our house a few days later, gave my husband a quote, and said the best way to do the job would be pavers on pavers because it would give a more stable foundation. We decided to leave our existing pavers down based on his recommendation and agreed to have C.M. Pavers do the job. Not 30 days later, the pavers are crooked, sinking, uneven, you name it. Sand washes from underneath them every time it rains, right into our pool. We’ve had to replace the pool pump and have the pool pop ups repaired because they were full of morter, sand & dirt. Nick altered our check and we are now pursuing legal action. According to Casey Mooney, owner of C.M. Pavers, Nick was no longer employed by him when he took our job, even though he came wearing a C.M. Pavers shirt and gave us business cards in case we knew someone who was interested. Long story short, Nick Napoli is a con artist, criminal, and not capable of doing a decent job. Our next report will be against Casey Mooney, owner of C.M. Pavers & Hardscapes.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 3447 EISENHOWER DR HOLIDAY, Florida USA