My (now Ex) husband Scott Mertzlufft and Nikki Ellis Hampton decided to sacrifice both of their families to be together. They didn’t give a sh*t about the (collective) four kids, or the other two spouses. As long as they got what they wanted. I want to make a T shirt that reads: “All I got for my 13th wedding anniversary was his HOMEWRECKERS carcinogenic strain of HPV.” It took my body two years to get rid of it. Then he tried to use my depression and anxiety to take the kids from me, so that he could (and I quote) “have his family the way that he wants it”. Years later, and 30k in the hole, he still constantly finds ways to be the pain of my existence. I was forced to start college classes while homeless. There is so so much more, from being shoved literally THROUGH double doors that were latched, to drunken punches until I had softball sized contusions. From verbal abuse, to putting the kids in danger and in inappropriate situations. All the while, I’m hearing from old friends that the story he’s been telling is completely and totally different from the truth. That was the last straw that made me post this. Please don’t trust these people. They are evil.