From a FORMER employee:To everyone who is a member to any one of the below listed fraudulent companies: … I wish to say that I am sorry… I had no Idea this company that I worked for was like this. Please take this information and do what you have to do with it.Royal Palm Vacations, Travel Services USA, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives… and many more names… all the same company… many different lawsuits with Atty generals and the state of FL… All ran out of Tampa Bay… (Largo, FL) actually. For all of you Royal Palm members… there is NO office in Nevada… we were told to tell you that so you could not find where they were… Google any of the above listed names, or look on ABC Action News of Tampa Bay… and search any of those above names… you will see big news reports of scams…They never have any vacations available to you… if you place a request for vacation, they will respond “sorry

no avail”” which means no availability… when they never even check. For airfare

we used the same websites that you at home do… travelocity


and expedia… then we would add a percentage to that price because we had to make some money too… So