Complaint: Nicky Demini was hired to complete a job that was botched by a previous contractor. All went well in the beginning for the first two weeks. The last leg of the job required him to remove the cabinets, readjust the panel above the kitchen sink, paint the panels around the entire circumference of the kitchen, then remount the cabinets. He told me that the aforementioned project plus material would cost $1100.00. I wrote the check out to him since June 3, 2016. Afterwards, it’s just been one excuse after another why he as not able to perform his due diligence. I told him in mid September that I would be hiring someone else, since he didn’t seem to be up to the task; therefore, I was requesting a full refund. He apologized then promised me faithfully that he would come to my house at 9:30 a.m. on Friday October 7, 2016. I called him at approximately 9:40 a.m. and left a message on his voicemail. He texted me at 9:44 a.m. stating that he is on his way, but was caught in traffic..That was the last I heard from him, until I contacted him in February. I took the matter to Small Claims Court and the ruling was in my favor by the way, he never showed up. After I received the official ruling in the mail, I tried contacting him by phone, as per the directions. I left a message on his voicemail, asking him to contact me. In addition, I texted a copy of the official ruling to him. After a few days without getting a response, I called Nicky using my landline. He picked up since he didn’t recognize that particular phone number. After I identified myself, he told me that he received my text as well as the attachment, but was told by his lawyer not to communicate with me. After 30+ days passed without reimbursement, I texted him to find out what his plans were. He said that he would come to my home and do the work. I told him that coming to my home is no longer an option, because I do not trust him. He arrogantly stated that he would NOT reimburse me.

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Address: 49 Sandalwood Drive Staten Island, New York USA


Phone: (732) 900-6101