On July 30, 2009, I ordered two pairs of Nike Air Bakin’s in size 11. I ordered a red” orange pair and one in black and gray. About a week later I received a package from “”China””. Upon opening this package I saw that I was sent two pairs of size 11 Jordans. I went to the company’s website and started correspondence with a person by the name of Angel. Angel asked that I send him a picture of the incorrrect items that I had received. I found the fact that he asked me

the customer who received inccorrect iems

to take pictures but I did anyway. Although I sent the pictures to Angel he insists that I have received the correct shoes and that I need to wait until he contacts his stockboy. I have ordered sneakers online for years and from many vendors and I have never experienced anything like this. I was under the impression that if you send a customer the wrong items

you would find a way to obtain the incorrect items and send either the correct items or refund the money.”

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