Niki Pea aka Nikita Penalosa sells her “companionship/time” . I was her client for two years without incident. Our last meeting was partly paid for in advance and I promised her the rest the following week after our meet. Unfortunately she ended up waiting 8 weeks for the rest of her money. Yes i f**ked up and I know that and she knows it too. | I apologised many times and we chatted happily over whatsapp and she always said it’s okay no worries etc. I made a new booking with her to show my appreciation and I also paid her partly in advance again as per usual agreement. | I also arranged and paid for her flights to travel to me. Unfortunately she lost her passport the same morning she was supposed to board the flight. We agreed to move our meet a few months forward. As that time arrived we chatted about the remaining fee, and we agreed that I will send her the final amount before our meet as it is a hassle to travel around with lots of cash. | The same morning she was supposed to board an aircraft and come to me she sent new messages about being sick etc… | I just kind of gave up, and we chatted over whatsapp and email, I was genuinely sad. She wrote in email she will send me back “the gift” as she wanted to call her fee. HAHA | As we chatted I said i just want to see her and no she can keep the money if she promises we can meet later after summer? yes we agreed. Then i chose to meet another girl which I later found out she was pimping in . As she found out I had met with “her girl” she freaked out and demanded I send a message to said girl and “end that relationship” HAHHAHAHAHAAAA. | So in the end she kept $200 of my money and she kept on saying its her right to keep my money as they were non-refundable and I had “cheated” on her and talked behind her back HAHAHAHAHAH.


  • Name: Niki Pea
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 1941 Ann Greta Dr
  • Phone:
  • Website: