just got off the phone with april m. supervisor and this is my story:purchased a 1984 300z bought and paid for, boutght a 1990 nissan stanza bought and paid for,bought a 350z bought and paid for, bought a 2006 nissan armada bought and paid for. can verify all these purchases with nissan. today i pulled my excellent credit report to what do my eyes see a negative from nissan motor acceptance. called the credit report people and they told me “call nissan they can take it off””

mind you it was for the last payment for maturity it was late. anyway

in the 6 year loan for this armada i was late 3 times. was late on the 350z one time ms. april m. stated. when i asked her to remove it she said no!!!!! even thou my credit is perfect w this blemish. the following was her reason:”” if it does not fall under the nizzan error company matrix (policy)

is not to remove under any circumstance if it does not fall under company matrix”” i then asked her ms. april m.:-“” does death of a close family member fall under company matrix?”” reply from ms. april m “”no””i then asked does a life threatning hospital stay not allowing you to leave hospital for one month fall under company matrex?””reply from ms. april m “”no””nissan motor company matrix is of a monster without any heart or does not even care for any kind of company loyalty or history. nissan motor company does not care about any humane issues other than their company “”matrix”” do not and i mean this ever buy from them i have a nearly perfect credit score and this blemish so upset me that i wanted it off. needless to say i am makeing my way to purchase a cadilac escalaid. no one can be perfec on a 6 year loan!!!!!!!!!!!1″

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