Complaint: (1) The turn signal stick is too short. At night, when you signal prior to making a right or left hand turn, frequently your hand hits the headlight turn on/off switch at the end of the turn signal stick, turning off the headlights. (2) At night when the dash board lights are on sufficiently bright to see the gauges, The lit dashboard create the illusion that the headlights have been turned on. The way the car is designed with a low front end, it is difficult for the driver to determine at night if the headlights are on. With the dashboard lit, it gives the impression that the headlights are on. Thus I am frequently find myself driving at night with no headlights. There is a package which can be ordered at the time of purchase that contains an electronic device that at night, automatically turns the head lights on when the car is started. However, this device cannot be installed once the car leaves the factory. I have notified Nissan North America about these problems and they deny that they exist. Nissan salesmen in different agencies told me that the first problem exists on several Nissan models. I wrote letters to the head of Nissan North America as well as the CEO of Nissan in Japan. I have yet to receive a response on either letter. Other Nissan Altima owners told me that they have similar problems. I do not want to get into an accident waiting for something to be done. Howard Trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.

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