Purchased a 1:18th scale 4WD Mastadon brushless truck from this company. Upon opening the box, was surprised to see the actual size which would be considered maybe 1:20th ‘ish scale. In short, this thing was very tiny. Test run #3 and the rear plastic differential broke. The entire truck is made of very cheap plastic. No fiber, no aluminum and no steel as opposed to the description. The shocks aren’t real either. Just ordinary cheap springs over plastic tubes shaped like shocks. Test run #11 the truck became erratic then lost response from transmitter to receiver and caught fire. After researching the electronics, I found they were produced by Himoto Racing out of Hong Kong. The “brand”” of the electronics incuding the battery is called “”Vega Power””. I’ve been into Hobby-grade R/C’s for 32 years… started at 15 years of age. To date

I’ve never has the displeasure of owning such a low-quality R/C model. After several attempts to contact nitrorcx.com via phone and online chat

I was forced to use a “”ticket system”” operated by rcdiscuss.com. I initiated a complaint about the product and received a prompt reply stating that they would exchange or refund the purchase “”provided I answer a few questions””. I did so… three times. Each time I responded I would get another reply with the same verbage and questions only worded slightly different. After a few weeks of this

I sent them another email asking if they were in fact going to offer a remedy (exchange or refund) or if I needed to submit a request for a chargeback through my banking institution. The very next reply was

“”sorry but the warranty has now expired and we cannot authorize an exchange or refund””. They simply stalled me out until the 30 day return policy had elapsed. After typing in google