Complaint: I applied for a job via and received an email the next morning. I was to read over the job duties and fill out another job application. They accepted and ask to fax over my driver license. I completed that and the next Monday i received one package. The job was for me to receive packages for customers and make sure everythings perfect and print a shipping slip and send off the package. The shipping slip never did print correctly (their fault). But as the days go by and i continue to receive packages, i notice that on the invoice the Billing address was to Me and my address as if i bought the iitems which was not the case. I emailed kevin after i already sent a message via there website that i was to sign on everytime i recieved a package. Then chelsea called via on my cell phone from a Skype number she stated that she would send me shipping slips and when i asked her why was the Billing information in my name she explained why the shipping was in my name. I told her i already undrstood the shipping imformation. I just wanted to know about the Billing and as i was talking she hung up on me, and she never called back. So hours later Kevin emailed me and tried to explaing the billing information being in my name but all he explained was the prepaid gift card that was being used. He never explained why the billing was in my name and why the customers did not give there own name instead. I informed him that i felt this was all a scam and i would report him if he doesnt give me an proper explaination and i never received a response.

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