This girl Nohea De La Fuente, and I say girl because women have decency and morals. I feel compelled to right this as a PUBLIC service announcement to anyone and all that will listen. She is a Liar, a Fake and a Cheat. I’ve sat and watched her Ruin lives. She moved into town and slowly f*cked her way through all her friends husbands, boyfriends…fiance’s ANYONE. She screwed Siblings husbands and ruined relationships. I stood by and watched her Fuck man after man over her 10 year, so called relationship, while she continually told lies and deceit about other women. This person deserves to be put out in the web as a “homewrecker”. This is exactly what she is. You hope and you wish that some people will get the karma they deserve,……… To all her so called “friends” who condone her activity…..To all the men who let her ruin your relationships… her child who deserves more than a Poor, disgusting excuse for a mother, to the young girls who see her as an “example”, and to all the women in the future who’s lives she will soon wreck… HERE’S YOUR WARNING! STAY TF AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN. SHE IS A NASTY. You….Nohea, will get yours. Someday. We are ALL waiting.