Complaint: I decided to report here as I was threatened with legal action if I did not take my google review down. I myself am considering pursuing action against this company and encourage other victims to do so. what is wrong with Nozie Faktory from my experience? I took the Master Production program with an intention to learn production, create my own instrumentals and record an EP. The bonus to this, was to have photos and album art in addition to a completed EP. I could see once they had all my money locked in that “Jerry”” (aka Dan) who seemed to be actually passionate about my work was in no way going to support me as a true mentor. Issues included: studio equipment was often missing or not in working condition for my sessions the Ableton software was an illegal hack and did not last operate on my computer for long until asking for “”authorization”” and therefore I could not practice production at home which was the whole point on the website they advertise pictures that can be misleading *they rent from Coalition Music

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Address: recordings are in the lower half of the building in Scarborough area (I actually drove to the yonge street location by mistake upon my meeting) I had 5 different instructors from the start to end of my duration ( a few spoke of issues getting paid

Website: lateness we are all human but you are advertising as a professional company

Phone: I also felt some were not quite qualified or even trained for their position I have received my “”mastered”” recordings and I know that at least 2 of the tracks will need re-recorded vocals due to frequency issues (why Jerry did not voice this fact from the start as he has studied mixing is beyond me) Jerry was drunk and incoherent at a listening party which took place at a hookah bar near his house -_- how is this professional when I was not introduced to anyone or my music displayed properly at this event Jerry has ignored texts and emails