My husband purchased a Cuisinart Kuerig coffeemaker as a Christmas present for me from on November 22nd. It took 3 weeks to recieve, and when I attempted to use it on Christmas Day it did not work, not even a little. I waited until the next day to call Cusinart, since it had a warranty card in the box. He asked me where it was purchased from and after I told him, he flat out told me that they DO NOT support products purchased from since they are KNOWINGLY selling defective equipment and that I needed to contact them. I sent an email to that same day, they have no phone number for customer service so that was my only option, about 3 days later I get some generic email saying that they were contacting the vendor and I should hear something in a week. Of course, I have not heard anything from anyone and then they had the nerve to send me a survy about how they were doing…are you kidding me! I have contacted them repeatedly and never get a response, ended up going out and buying a new Kuerig so I wouldn’t be mad everytime I saw the empty spot where it was supposed to be on my counter. I am not sure how a company can knowingly sell defective items and not be held responsible for it, I will never buy from them again.

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