Terrible Business Practices


My Complaint: Purchased product from nonewkicks.com and seller never got back to me for a week. sent me a tracking number that did not work 2 days after purchase and never updated me. tried to email, call, text, and facebook message seller, but he would not respond. Finally after a week with no response to any of my inquiries an instagram message was sent to his public wall where his other potential buyers could see he responded for me to email him. he then deleted my posts and blocked me from his website saying i was stalking him even though he has my money and has no intention of sending me the good i purchased. He then tried to blame me for the entire situation and now refuses to do any business with me. he wont even complete the transaction I initiated by paying him and he didn’t fulfill his duty as a seller. I basically had to force him to go through paypal and submit my refund.


My Demand: I wanted him to sell me the product at retail but he says i defamed him on his instagram wall and refuses to do business with me now.