Complaint: Where do I begin? I was employed at this miserable morale eating place for a short period of time because of the way business was conducted there. The rude banter from the head manger “Jimmy”” and assistant manager Dave was enough to make even the dirtiest sailor quiver. Foul language and sexual innuendos always filled the office more than the actual talk of the products being sold there. The training consisted of one day of somewhat explaining what we were supposed to be selling. The next day was us actually talking on the phones (which by the way is set up in an extremely piss poor cheap manner). The customers always complain about how their is static on the phones or the call drops because of the extreme delay on the headsets

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Address: just makes it so much harder to be taken seriously. The whole job training consisted of sitting with “”senior sales reps”” that refused to show you the ins and outs of what was supposed to be done. Everything u learn in the “”training”” is by ear hustling and hoping you get passed the gatekeeper to the actual owner of the business to try and get them to renew their contract or upgrade their internet. The lead list is on a dialer that reproduces the same numbers for you to call every 2-3 days. As u can imagine the words “”I already spoke with someone yesterday about this”” was constantly repeated by the customers. The biggest issue is how the managers go about getting the sales representatives to bring in sales. You can make three sales in one day and the next make zero and you were made to look and feel like the squid in the office who can’t sell anything. They talked down to you and question your abilities in front of the whole office instead of pulling you to the side in a professional manner. Not to mention

Website: they never know what day or when we will be paid. If the checks come in earlier than expected

Phone: the illegal way that they made us position the sale