I had my car advertised on craigslist and a local free website. I was contacted by a young lady asking a few questions about my car as there company she works for might have a buyer , she then asked if her manager can review and call me I said yes , why not. A few days later a gentleman by the name of Richard Scott called saying that he worked for North American auto sales and he had a buyer for my car, he proceeded to ask me questions about my car etc and then said if he made a offer would I accept , I said I didn’t know the company he worked for and that I wanted to look them up. He said I had 20 min as he would then move on to the next person that had the same car listed to sell foI typed in the name North American auto sales and all was fine , no negative reviews etc in fact there were no reviews at all. I called back very skeptic but Richard assured me that this was very rare were they have a buyer in place before I actually advertised it on the sight , the reason I was believing this could be real was because of the financing side of it, they supposedly help people with bad credit get loans etc so to think that someone who had money but bad credit wanted to buy my car it made sense. I must have asked or said numerous times that if it doesn’t sell I get my full 500.00 put back on my card and he said yes yes yes…. He then made me a offer very close to what I was asking for the car. He explained that they will then confirm the financing on the buyer and I will be asked to meet him or her at a bank and money will be exchanged but not my car untill the loan is payed out and the title is in the new buyers hand. All in All it seemed legit. They said all conversations were recorded but I recorded them anyhow on a speaker phone and mini recorder as I was still very skeptical. I was then told that it was usually a 500.00 dollars fee but I would be fully refunded all 500 as I qualified for the fully refund. The issue and here is where it gets shady, once I said yes I will accept that price for my car and yes I will pay 500 to set up the account to allow the deal to be done. That is when I asked or said I will get the full refund back of 500.00 even though on the website it states 375 I was worried now as I was passed along to another guy who dealt with my payments, he then proceeded to say the refund was 375 not the 500 like he said. Long story short I felt that I needed to sign up in order to process the sale of my car with them…. Sure enough weeks go by and i get a phone call , hi it’s Richard unfortunately the buyer we had couldn’t get financing but another person was interested. Needless to say I never heard a peep again., I then called for my 500 refund and then was told yes I had the guarantee buy back listed but I needed to fill out forms , have a notary stamp them and send them back and await, and this had to be done on the 90th day as now I can’t cancel a contract that I signed based on the fact they said they had a buyer for my car which if you read all over the internet now they say that to everyone to have them sign up. Funny now so many of us get the same line, oh financing is taking longer than expected and then oh sorry they didn’t qualifie but now you have to give us 90 days still to try. Ok try then, well lets say never heard a word again. So now I have given 500 dollars over thinking my car is sold as I was told and now I want my refund which I was told as well would be no problem. Guess what it’s August 19 2013 and I’m yet to see a penny, jan 20 2013 was when I was told I needed to sign up in order for there client to buy my car. My last email got a response that they are refunding 175 dollars and 200 in gas vouchers. Come again???? Unless I get the full 500 back I will stick to the saying naautosales is the biggest scam going and anyone thinking of using this company should run for the hills. I apparently will be sued for simply stating the exact events that have taken place. To me the funny thing is if they just ran the company as they say and would be honest no one would complain but they don’t and haven’t so far so I stand by my report as the person before me has said and so many others that I wished showed up when I did a google search before I signed up. Tomorrow I find out if they refund the full 500 as promised or if they stick by there 175 and 200 in vouchers, I mean if the offer of vouchers in itself isn’t waiving a red flag I don’t know what is . I will say that when transferred over to the person who takes your credit card info to pay they never mention the 500 by back guarantee so legally they have you I’m guessing , you see my life will go on without getting the 500 back as I rather tell the honest truth and save thousands of other people from the stress and anger for which they have caused me. Nothing makes a person madder than being duped and I was duped bad…. Unless my credit card is fully refunded well I will have no choice but to continue to tell the truth and save other people from the same fate. Follow up I hope will be positive but it’s out of my hands. .

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