This “insurance company” contacted me after applying to various jobs online. They stated they were relocating from CANADA to LOS ANGELES, which is why they needed to hire an administrative assistant ASAP. They contacted me around the last week of June, through email, saying they evaluated the resume i posted on “Monster Jobs” and scheduled an over the phone interview with me. I was so excited to receive the email as they stated it was a full time position and the salary was $48,000 starting. It seemed very believable at first as they sent me a PDF document with a detailed job description. | Once I emailed back with a time and day for the interview, things began to get fishy. The “Human Resources Manager”, Mark Anderson, (he called himself) responded saying that I should answer 5 interview questions in 50 words or less instead of the phone interview. I thought this was extremely weird, as usually companies want to make sure a person of interest for an open position is able to speak well over the phone. 2 days after I sent in my answers I got an email again from “Mike Anderson” saying I was chosen for the job. This is where i knew something was not right, as I had not spoken to any actual person over the phone. “Mike Anderson” sent me another PDF document detailing the duties I would be doing for the job. He never gave me information as to the address of their new location in Los Angeles and he never explained when I would be meeting with someone from the company. When I asked for the address to the location in Los Angeles to begin planning my commute, “Mark Anderson” informed me he would send that information in a different email (i never received such email). All he stated was that a “laptop” and “cheque” (as he spelled it) would be issued to me through UPS so i can begin working. He said the “cheque” was to be used for materials I needed for the job and as some of my pay to begin working. This part got even more fishy as he stated, I WAS TO CALL HIM AS SOON AS I RECEIVED THE “CHEQUE” (check). I WAS TO TAKE A “CLEAR PICTURE” OF MY DEPOSIT SLIP AND SEND IT TO HIM IN AN EMAIL. When I received the check the address to their bank was in HOUSTON, TEXAS, which made no sense considering they were currently located in CANADA. | As soon as the check was delivered by UPS, I received the first call ever from a live person. When I answered “Mark Anderson” was upset I did not call as soon as I received the check. The check was for over $4,000. He sounded completely unprofessional. When I asked for a list of the materials I needed to buy with the money, he said “He did not have that information.” When I asked questions about the company he again said, “He did not have that information.” The only thing he continued to repeat was to SEND HIM A CLEAR PICTURE OF MY DEPOSIT SLIP WITH MY BANKING INFORMATION. In that moment I knew 100% this was a SCAM!! All they wanted was my bank information to use it to commit FRAUD! | This company/person is a complete SCAM. Pretending to have an open position to a job, promising a good salary all to OBTAIN PERSONAL BANKING INFORMATION TO COMMIT FRAUD!


  • Name: North Capital Insurance
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Toronto, Ontario
  • Address: 878 Yonge St
  • Phone: 1.647.715.6259
  • Website: