First and foremoremost beware!! This is NOT a moving company. They contract your services out. I contacted North Star not realizing this for a move for my son from Colorado to Maryland. They took a list of my items and gave me a quote, which beware the quote can be changed if the moving company they contact you out to decides the items are more or weigh more than they think. So I had my sons items picked up on 9/29 and this was after numerous calls to what they call customer service, which by the way never answer the phone. You always have to contact sales to even get an answer, if the answer. Once my items were picked up they had a delivery date of 10/1. When my items were not delivered by 10/10 I contacted NorthStar and Robert would give me excuses like, they can’t find a driver, I’ll look into it and call you back and they NEVER call you back. When my items were not delivered by 10/30 I contact Northstar again and was told they’d call me back, which they never did. Then eventually they quit answering my phone calls, which they always knew who I was when I called so they do have caller ID. I eventually contacted the actual moving company and on 11/15 my items were finally delivered. I placed a claim with DOT to get $400 of my deposit back since Northstar did not represent me as a paying customer but have not heard anything back. SO if you have any common sense about you do not do business with this scam company! They take your money to ignore you. All I did was pay them to ignore me.


  • Name: North Star Van Lines LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Delray Beach
  • Address: 601 N Congress Ave Suite 103A
  • Phone: 844-364-7344
  • Website: