After assessing North Suburban Florists internet presents, Mrs. Swanson asked that we build her a website that was totally hers, Because at the time of our discussion she was using a third party company (Teleflora) which she has to pay a monthly fee and they take commission from each transaction. | We suggested that having her own stand-alone site was a great option. She agreed on using the GoDaddy Free website builder and intergrade Square as the “Check-Out” for this site. This was due to the fact the platforms are FREE. | Mrs. Swanson agreed to the $350 to build this site. After completion of the site we did not demand payment because we knew it takes time to get the site index and for people to find the site. | We also did not charge North Suburban Flower Co. the weekly fee of $25 for the “Social Media Marketing” we were doing for the company which is the original reason for being hired by Mrs. Swanson. | To get people to recognize North Suburban Flower Co. new website, we came up with a plan to market past consumers, because they already had a business transaction relationship. Due to the fact that North Suburban Florist was under the “Teleflora” site, North Suburban Flowers did not have access to the customer’s Email information so using Constant Contact or such was not an option. After looking at past order invoices we saw that they capture the customer’s telephone number. At this time we informed Mrs. Swanson that we had a program that allows us to bulk text the customers, but this was a “paid” program and you have to add credits to in order to send out bulk texts. Mrs. Swanson agreed to these terms and advised us to use this service. We already had $194 worth of credits on this program, so we did not charge Mrs. Swanson upfront, thus abling us to move on this promptly. | After manually typing in all telephone numbers for each invoice, we then started the bulk texting using the credits already available. When the funds were exhausted we informed Mrs. Swanson that she needed to purchase more credits in order to send more text out, as we only hit 65% of the list she provided. We provided her with the information to contact the Texting company directly but She never got back with us on this. | After 3 months of check-in with Mrs. Swanson as to how things were going, she kept advising that she was not getting orders, But when we check the square account we found this to be a Lie. | We then sent her an invoice for $750 and advise she could make payment schedule, at that time she then terminated our business relation. We then advised her that since our business contract is terminated that her bill was now due a receipt. | At this time she has not reached out to us nor paid the bill.


  • Name: North Suburban Flower Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Niles
  • Address: 7748 N Milwaukee Ave
  • Phone: (847) 966-8020
  • Website: