Complaint: Once we did that a few days letter my bank account was in the negative. I called the bank and they said the check never cleared. That they have the right to take the funds out of your account. Needless to stay this ended up costing me about $600… in the end. The bank charged me all kinds of fees. Northam Carrer Assurance, Inc. This is a scam…it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. My son got a check in the mail. It was real and he wanted to do the jobs listed t make a little money. I deposited the check and waited for it to clear in my bank. Not knowing the bank cleared the check without it really being “cleared””

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: and the check bounced. The check was for $1295.60. Salary for him to complete the job $300. He was to go buy merchandise at a Walmart

Website: 74 Morris Street Morristown, New Jersey USA

Phone: Costco