Ellard Comstock of Northcon, Inc. is a SNAKE OIL salesman & a CON MAN. He will lie, cheat & steal & promise you the world. Once you finish the job he has hired you to do, you will NOT get paid. He will tell you he is in charge & that there is no way he will let you get hurt. He will rush change orders at you on off hours & weekends & tell you he will sign the paperwork at another date. When you go to collect, he will give you a song & dance & tell you the check has been mailed from corporate & continue to say the same thing every time you ask where the check is. He will give portions of your contract to his friend’s companies where he receives kick-backs from & then tells you not too worry that he will pay their invoice, but never pay you for your work. | I did not think a contractor would be allowed to commit fraud while working on federal contracts (Nellis Air Force Base in my case) but I found out the hard way that they can. | Because my contract as a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (who’m Ellard & Northcon clearly pray upon small companies like mine) was not with the Government directly, the Government cannot do anything on my defense. | I was forced to retain counsel & file a Federal lawsuit against these CRIMINALS! BEWARE- IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH ELLARD COMSTOCK / NORTHCON, expect to have to fight for your money once the project has been completed. I have spoken to multiple companies & individuals of people Ellard has screwed over. Found out this evening that Ellard / Northcon was NOT paying employee’s prevailing wage money on prevailing wage contracts. This is illegal & also fraudulent. | According to past employees of Ellard Comstock / Northcon, Inc, to date, Northcon, Inc. no longer has work on Nellis Air Force base under Northcon, Inc. They burned far too many people. But they are still working on Nellis Air Force with Ellard Comstock spearheading the federal work as the company they are working with had bonding issues so Northcon teamed up with them as they already had the correct bond in place. | Ellard’s words were that he will put me out of business if I pursued this matter further. You have been properly warned. Any questions at all, please feel free to contact me directly & I will be more than happy to speak only of the truth & facts that I have experienced regarding Mr. Ellard Comstock & his company Northcon, Inc. 702-241-4799 Joe, US Disabled Veteran-Owned Firm. | Mr. Ellard Comstock / Northcon, Inc. you criminals will not be allowed to continue to commit such heinous acts any longer. I will shed the light of what you truly are & you WILL NOT BE LET OFF THE HOOK NOR WILL YOU PUT MY FIRM OUT OF BUSINESS! YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR ACTIONS!


  • Name: Northcon, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • City: Hayden
  • Address: 10615 N. Government Way
  • Phone: 866-772-6003
  • Website: northconinc.com/