I would of given this place 0 stars, but there was only an option to give it 1, so it definitely gets 1. Giving them one star would be a huge overstatement considering the condition of the car i just bought from them. I bought a 2001 Dodge neon from this dealership on Feb. 11th, 2017. Well to start off, the rear passenger door broke somehow when they were cleaning it and would not stay locked shut. This was after I took the test drive. They played dumb, and acted like they didnt notice it at all when they were doing the clean up. How do you not notice the door light on the dash, and that the door is not all the way shut? IT’s too bad It wasnt before I took the test drive, or that alone would of gotten me out of this deal. Well, I found out after I bought the car and went back and they wont help me fix it. So I had to tape the door shut, or pay extra to have the door fixed. Had it fully inspected next day because it was making some strange really loud noises and is all over the road over 30 mph. | It needs new struts, valve cover gasket, oil pan and oil pan gasket, new tire rods, the lug nuts were so rusted on that they couldn’t even get them off, the exhaust is rotted through, just to name a few problems they found. There was more than that discovered on the inspection, about 3,000+$ worth of mechanical work that needs to be done to this car (with the exaust not even included in that), and probably even more than that if they got the lug nuts off and figured out whats wrong behind them why they wouldn’t come off. When I got home, I put the car up on some car ramps that I have in the rear and I was able to put a screw driver straight through the muffler. So, thats definately not good. | The car is not worth 1/10th of what I actually paid for it from this dealership. The salesman made it look like it was a great car, sure its in great condition. WRONG. I HATE this place. When I called the salesman back, he said “Oh, well you bought it AS IS. so that’s all I know.” Only wish I could get all my money back for the car. I’ll be lucky if I get anything back from this car short of having it toed into the scrap yard. Avoid this dealership at all costs. Hopefully this is an eye-opener to anyone thinking of buying a car here.


  • Name: NorthStar Ford
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: Duluth
  • Address: 1420 Miller Trunk Hwy
  • Phone: 218-727-3673
  • Website: www.northstarfordduluth.com/