My Complaint: This agency called me claiming that I had an unpaid payday loan from 2008 (which I did but was discharged in a bankruptcy), and I was about to be summoned to appear in court on check fraud, malicious intent to bad-check writing, etc. Obviously concerned, I went ahead and scheduled a payment arrangement for the following Friday in the sum of $510 to clear up my charges. On the morning my payment was suppose to go through I got a phone call from my bank’s fraud department stating that there was a charge pending from a company that was flagged as being fraudulent in their system. I called back the company stating this information and oh boy were they mad, I got told that I was going to be arrested by the end of the day, blah, blah, blah, well? Let’s just say, NEVER HAPPENED. They are bold faced LIARS trying to scam people, so PLEASE BEWARE!


My Demand: Criminal Charges for harrassment/ Theft