Nouveau skin care posted a video online showing amazing results for under eye bags when using their eye cream. They also said that it was a product by christie brinkley and was talked about and “supported” by dr oz. | They then offered a free trial of the eye cream. All you had to pay was shipping of $4.95. If you did that, you could also get a trial of another face cream. I thought “why not try it?” so i signed up. When my samples arrived, the box was surprisingly plain and the packing list had very little invormation on it. It looked handmade. My first alarm bell. | But i tried the creams anyway. There was really nothing special about them and they certainly weren’t better than the avon products i usually use so i decided not to buy more. | Imagine my surprise when i received a box yesterday of the same products, also with a very homemade looking packing slip inside. A quick look online to my bank statement revealed that i had also been charged $89.75 for products that i didn’t order! | Luckily the packing slip did contain a customer service number of 888.694.4574. I called that number and explained the problem. I was told that i had signed up for a 14 day trial and needed to cancel within 10 days in order to not be charged for the products. I told the woman that i had never been aware of that and if she did not credit my account and halt any additional shipments to me that i would report her company to the bbb and my bank. I also asked how to ship back the products that i just received, and offered to also send back the original ones that i had barely used. | At that point, i was told she could offer a 30% refund. I held firm and reiterated my thoughts as above. She then offered a 50% refund. Again, i held firm. Finally she told me that she’d issue me a 100% refund that should show up in 3-5 business days. When i again asked how to return the product, she told me to keep it. She also confirmed that my “subscription” had been cancelled for both products. | I’ll be wathching for that refund to hit my account. Until then, i hope this post will help someone else, too!


  • Name: Nouveau Skin Care
  • Country: United States
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: Leominster
  • Address: 77 North Main Street
  • Phone: 978.466.1770
  • Website: