Complaint: I was a manager in the grandview location for the past 8 months. The restaurant was already a poorly ran restaurant. I was told by my boss Anthony Stucker that no manager makes it past two years, most don’t even make it a year. Well after 8 months of trying to improve the restaurant results, I was terminated on 8/31/11. State law says I should have my check within 24 hours, he said I would have my check by today Friday 9/2/11. He says, I don’t have it. I contacted Payroll and she said, Tony has to email us and we have to receive that. I contacted Tony again and said I thought I was going to have my check today. His comments were “Keep Thinking””. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. If you think about becoming a manager with NPC- save yourself as it’s bad decision. Don’t be the next manager to take over a restaurant and then 8 months later your gone. If you don’t think it can happen to you

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Phone: 12000 Blue Ridge Blvd Grandview, Missouri United States of America