Complaint: 29th of March 2011Nuevo Valley Realty, Nick and Alma Villalobos are unprofessional, rude and dont finish what they start. Alma even has the nerve to laugh at me for taking action for how horrible they have treated my family and I. Even stating that she should have never put us in this place to begin with and also, stating that she has been doing this for twenty years. I cant imagine them getting away with this kind of unprofessional business practice. My family and I have lived in this house for almost two months starting on Feb. 06, 2011 and we have had nothing but problems. Alma told us that this place was ready to move in, but it was completely inhabitable due to the facts there was no heat from a missing thermostat, no lock on back door and no locks and screens on the windows, they are the old single pane windows with a nail sticking out of each. As well as, exposed wires from a broken outlet. Because of the switching over the water, we had no water for two days. No fire detector at the time. They came over and took care of these problems but, they were not done in a reasonable timely manner and to this day there are still some things that need to be done. that was only the beginning of other problems that we had begun to face.There are lots of cosmetic things that our place is lacking, such as there is no window or working exhaust fan in our master bathroom. Side garage door had no door knob or lock. No peephole, just a exposed hole in the door. There was no covers on most of the outlets and to this day there are some missing outlet covers. We can’t even use our second bathrooms shower because of the nasty shower head and calking. This place was really dirty, closet doors on the floor, nails, dirt and debris all in the fireplace. Also there was trash everywhere in the back yard. . We told him, showed him and gave him a list of all the problems, he promised us that he would take care of all the problems within the next two days. But those two days turned into two months and for them not taking us seriously and putting us on the back burner, forced us to call Code Enforcement. Code Enforcement came and made a list of all the things that needed to be taken care of. Most of these are the same things that we have been asking for since we moved in. Such as, no working exhaust fan in the bathroom, no locks on our windows, no covers for the outlets, no hot water working for our washer, leaking roof in garage for who knows how long, it looks like there is a lot of water damage and possible black mold, tons of weeds growing out of control all over our property, holes in our walls, Heavy closet doors not properly installed, illegal room in our garage that most likely a drug room because later we found needles and also it was revealed to us by one of the workers that this place was a really nasty and full of drugs. There was also suspicious wood in the ground that was covered with dirt when dug up was a large hole in the backyard. Leaks from the kitchen sink. We also have a vent that is on top of roof that can give anyone access to our roof and air vents. No light in the garage and no light in front of the garage. Even though the officer gave them this list and even with a extension they still put us on the back burner and was fined for uncompleted work. This whole time since we moved in until recently they have been braking the law by not giving us a 24 hour written notice to do repairs. We didnt know this law until the officer told him to his face that he needed to give us a 24 hour notice. During this whole time they still had a bad attitude, making verbal promises they can not keep, very unprofessional and treated us like second class citizens. It has been two months and some of the stuff still has not been done, and when they do come by they are unprofessional, unorganized and always in a hurry as though they dont want to be here. They never finish what they start, they leave a mess and to add to all this they also left a good sized Swiss army knife on top of our bathroom counter knowing that we have little children in our home. If they just did their job, we would have never faced this. Safety was our number one priority and they cant even do that. That is not including the cosmetic they still havent taken care of. Things that most rental properties have such, as a toilet paper holder and towel rod, mirror in the bathroom, etc.. To add to all this, one of the main reasons why we chose this place verses other properties, is because of a room addition. That we recently found out is illegal and it is a safety hazard for us and our children. Even getting fined by the City Code Enforcement they have yet to take these matters seriously. All of this is public record, feel free to look into this and we have pictures to back it up. We have sent Nuevo Valley Realty two certified letters, both in which they have not yet signed for. We are still waiting to be reimbursed for two days of rent and toilet seat covers, which we were forced to buy because the previous ones were in such bad condition. We just want justice and for them to stop being in business or change the way they do business. Thank you for your time and listening ear.

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