While watching the ad on TV for the buy on get one free Pic and free cookware sets, I called and placed an order for the pics, two travel cases. I was quoted $275 because she said the shipping and handling for the suppose free sets was $69.95. Hesitating because I felt this was extreme, I asked if the price quoted me, $275 included the two free gifts and was told yes. When I received my order it only included one cookware set. nI called customer service (Jasmin) was told I only paid for one cookware set. I said I know I asked the representative if this quote included the two sets. She said they would listen to the recording and if that was the case send the second set. Got no response, called back, (Graig) was told he did not have the authority to send me another set and they had 7 to 10 days to respond. He said we still have two business days. Elizabeth call said she listened to the recording and the money amount of $69.95 was correct. She left her extension which I never could reach. Called back asked for supervisor and got Shannon who ask me to give her 15 min to listen to recording and she would call back. I waited for over two hours before calling back. She claimed she listened to the recording and asked for my e-mail address to send me the recording. Message said there was an error or the file was not decoded properly. I e-mailed Shannon back giving her this information and have not gotten an correspondence since nor did they send me the second cookware set. Very deceitful and no integrity.

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