I was introduced to NYLA tequila and its owner Santiago Ramos a couple years ago. I was approached and offered a percentage of the company along with interest if I invested. I invested 20k into the company and was given a contract promising 10% ownership along with 20% interest on my investment paid off in the course of six months. It’s now been a little over a year and I received no money or checks from my “ownership” of the company. I’ve made contact with three other investors for the company who all had been made the same promise. I know have come to the realization based off other reports I’ve read and people I’ve met that Santiago is a con artist. He is going around San Diego and the rest of California trying to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in NYLA Organnic tequila. | He is currently in Guadalajara Mexico because I think he is realizing that the gig is up and he’s trying to avoid prosecution in the US. Me and the other investors are currently trying to pull together and sue Santiago and try to recover whatever funds we can and put him down for good. My 20k is nothing in comparison to all the other people he has tricked in total he has received well over a 100k from people giving out percentage to a company that holds no value. If you come across this man do not buy into his lies unlike I and my fellow investors did. If anyone has any advice or information on Santiago please come forward. Let this thief be seen for what he is so never again can he trick so many people.