Complaint: This guy started working with the team I worked in almost 2 years ago and constantly tried to pose to be a visionary of Steve Jobs caliber. The problems started when he tried saying that a product which value was never even checked on the market will go viral and will easily grow to “hundreds of thousands of users”” within a short amount of time. Guess what

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Address: they wasted hundreds of thousands to get a misely 1K downloads (not even real users). The only thing this brilliant Cheaf Strategy Officer was doing was changing the product strategy in accordance to potential investors (who of course never invested in this product as it never had a solid vision). It’s OK to make mistakes but if you bear the responsibility for these. He only blamed others for his own mistakes. When the things got rough and the amount of debts increased to critical point he left the company while being the biggest stakeholder. And seems this is not the only time he is stealing other people’s money


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