I went to this place to get a security front desk job and they told me that I have to pay for the training and once I pass the training I will get the job. Well so far it’s been a week and I still don’t have a job. They are sending me to interviews but there’s no lead. Every one of them is asking for a security license the agency says there’s a lot of places that can hire you without the license and just the certificates. Then they don’t want to pay what you’re looking for. The agency promises you that can start from $12-16/hour . Do not believe in this place they just after their money they don’t care about your job. Everything they tell you it’s a lie.. I demand I would like at least half of my money back. I paid $380.00 all together with training and background check.. Stay away

  • #Ms. Brown
  • #Mr. Wyze

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