Complaint: I started uploading designs to way back in 2005. Over the years, I probably uploaded as many as 100 original greeting cards designs. I never really made a lot of money on the site but kept certain designs on there for general exposure and because there were repeat sales for years. Around 2 years ago, I decided I was going to delete most of the designs and leave maybe 10. The rest of my original artwork/designs, I deliberately ‘deleted’ from their server. At least that’s what Zazzle has you believe. But apparently, nothing gets deleted and they keep your artwork on their servers. I have always had a nagging suspicion that they could be selling your designs at far greater levels than they let on and officially record. But that was just a suspicion. Obviously, I and any other artist dealing with them have no way to confirm or verify EXACTLY what they are or are not selling. But once you upload your designs, they can do what they want. That’s the reality. Anyway, like I said, I kept about 10 designs on their website and was still receiving small royalty payments but I really stopped paying much attention to my account. I had other sites and projects I was working on. I would check on it from time to time because I was still receiving sales & royalty payments. The last time around, I probably hadn’t really checked up on my zazzle account for at least 6 months and decided to take a peak at royalty payout amounts and discovered that I couldn’t log into my account. I’d had the account for over 10 years, same username, same email addy so I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I emailed zazzle and they responded that they had NO record of my account under Nzinga Greeting Cards. Now mind you, again, I’ve had the same account since way back in 2004 or 2005. Now once they emailed me with that ridiculous response, I went to their site: zazzle . com & typed in Nzinga Greeting Cards in their search engine and imagine my surprise when almost 60 of my original designs show up with 50% off sales tags on them. Like I said, there should have ONLY been maybe 10 designs on zazzle’s site at most. Certainly NOT 50+. So, if I deleted all of those designs, WHY are they still being sold on zazzle? Not only without my consent but zazzle obviously isn’t paying me any royalties since I can’t even log into their site and they are telling me they have NO record of an account under that name. After seeing the search engine results, I immediately opened up a chat convo & of course, that person has no authority or knowledge of what’s going on. I don’t blame them. They are just the messenger and all they could say is they can immediately delete the images & my account. But that doesn’t deal with WHY zazzle still has the images on their server and WHY they are still selling them BUT not paying me for the privilege? So this is where it stands right now. I really have a hard time believing I am the only artist they are doing this to. If they figure they are big enough to do this to one, I guarantee you there are others. I hope they have a legal team set up for this because this is straight up FRAUD and I am determined to make them resolve this. It’s illegal and ironic that they are always preaching to artists about avoiding possible copyright infringement when they are doing it themselves. Actually, it’s not infringement, it is just outright THEFT. Hypocrites and frauds. If you are an artist, I would say DO NOT upload anything onto their site that you don’t want to end up only God knows where. Who knows how much money they’ve made off of my designs over the years that I was never paid for, without my knowledge or consent?

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