I stayed at a resort in (Oak Plantation) Orlando and sat through an orientation to buy a time share. I was showed a model and given the whole song and dance. I bought it, but when I came back to stay my week I was given a room that looked nothing like the model. I complained to the front desk and they hooked me up with the sales department. The gentleman I spoke to told me there must have been a mistake and that he would take care of the change of having me moved to the correct suite. The second room was worst then the first and I requested the other room back. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to call if there were anymore concerns. He never answered his phone the rest of the week. The model is updated with flat screens and modern furniture but you get a suite with dated furniture and old televisions. They sell you a model and give you a dump in comparison. Now they put me in collections because I refuse to pay.

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