I didn’t buy anything from them because my mind was very clear. But i feel that I should let people know what kind of people they really are and help people avoid their scam. I really should do this because what they did was 100% terrible. | Thanksgiving day 2017, My friend and my boyfriend and I went shopping after dinner in the Fairfax Oakwood mall. I have very specific brands for my routine skincare because I’m holding my master degree in chemical and biological engineering and I always look into the ingredients of the skincare products. I never try any product if haven’t done enough research about it. But my friend said she heard about this brand before and recommend me to give it a try. So I did. My friend left to drive home and My boyfriend and I went to the store just for a sample to try. | Drama thing happened from this moment. | First, they do not have any sample. what kind of skincare brand does not have any sample? this is 21st century, please. | Then, a guy who looks very friendly and nice let me sit on a chair and started so-called professional product show on my face. everything still looks normal so far. He first used peel gel on my face. I need to say, from a chemist side, there’s no such thing in this world. If you want to remove the dead skin from your face, use the scrub. | After the peeling gel, he put lotion on my face and let me see the difference. I did not see any difference. One step back, even though it does have a difference, any product that can make a change in a second, it is poison. Stay away from that if you do meet anything that can be so effective. | He asked me what kind of problem I need to solve? I said I got a few wrinkles under my eyes recently. | He then started trying to sell the eye cream and whole set of their products to me. Till that moment, I knew from his speech that the products have four kinds which are made of white, blue, pink and black pearl respectively. Honey, I’m from China, a country where everything was born……. I can easily tell your scam drama full of your mouth. I ALREADY wanted to leave because I know this is a stupid store that just tried to rip off rich people that don’t have any professional knowledge. And I’m not a rich person, They tried so hard maybe because they recognized my Prada bag and stupidly thought all Chinese are millionare without common sense in how to live in USA. | When he realized that I might feel the products were too expensive, he first used the “special today price, won’t exist tomorrow” plan. Then used the “You buy the 700 hundred dollars eye cream, I gave you the 180 value face lotion for free”. He also said the Clarisonic washing brush would crack my face. hahhahaaaa.. ridiculous | After all these actions, he asked another woman with the same accent to help him. I tried so hard to be very polite with them when I really wanted to f* off and said I would not buy today because I need to do some research. She responded me with “what kind of research ?” seriously? what kind of people are you? what I’m going to do has any business with you?? | When she learned that my current skincare brand is lush, she started to defame LUSH, which is my favorite brand. “why is LUSH good´╝înothing but cheap”..WHAT THE F*? so in your mind, i should believe your mouth, not thousands of reviews from all customers all over the world, not an internationally-famous skincare brand, not all these professional scientists employed by LUSH? | If robbery is legal, at this moment, they would rob my purse directly and kill me. Trust me. | 1) unprofessional sales. There won’t be any good brand who sells their products by defaming other brands. Shame on you. | 2) Obvious scam. Please, is there any store would change the price to whatever they want just for earning the money from a customer?? Let me guess what is the real cost of the 700 value eye cream. Maybe only 20 dollars at most. | 3) Rude, rude, rude. A normal and usual store won’t push any customer to buy what they don’t want to buy. I totally know what you’re playing. Trying to let people buy things by lightly humiliating them. HAHHAHHAAH, this does not work for me, please | 4) DO NOT EVER DEFAME LUSH AGAIN! lush saves my face with eczema. | Sincere suggestion to the salesman, you should change your job, do something that can earn respect and find your DIGNITY back. | SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.


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