Regrettably, I went to work for Oceanside Mortgage Company agreeing to be their Qualified Employee for the State of Nevada and move both of my NMLS licenses to them . I was apporved as the Qualified Employee by the State of Nevada furthermore I submitted a Purchase loan for an Old Client the loan had zero conditions was locked and waiting for docs when I was terminated three days before closing. | It now appears that my unwarranted termination was premediated to defraud me of my Loan Compensation. | UNETHICAL FRAUD – I have been a victim of FRAUD as well as Intimidation by email and my professional reputation has been damaged due to their unethical Conduct. I even received an unsigned vague letter stating that I would receive my Loan Compensation. | I have been forced to attempt to recover my Loan Compenstaion and have filed formal complaints with the California Department of Corporations , The California Labor Board and have notified the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending of this unethical conduct in an attempt to protect and prevent other Loan Officers. | I have never experienced this unethical conduct Mortgage Fraud before and feel there is no place for it in the Industry. | BEWARE | This is a SCAM the owner David Stone President and his son Steve Stone


  • Name: Oceanside Mortgage Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Toms River
  • Address: 55 Main St
  • Phone: 1 800-955-8965
  • Website: