I bought a home two years ago. The original lender then sold the loan to Ocwen who is now the mortgagee. The list of issues and complaints about this company is lenghty. The most recent crisis occurred around the improper management of an Escrow account. The first concern came when it was time to pay my property taxes. Ocwen failed to meet a deadline despite having funds in the account. The latest cris however, has to do with Home Owner’s Insurance. It was due at the beginning of December. I happened to buiy a car for my daughter and was online with my Insurance Company to update our Auto Insurance. While there I noticed a bold message about my Home Owner’s Insurance not being paid. I called or tried to call Ocwen over the next ten days and after perhaps a dozen tries finally got through to someone who checked the records and told me the Insurance had been paid. I then called my Insurance Company and continued to monitor my account online for a few days. The Insurance was not paid. I went back to the phones with no more luck this time at getting through to anyone who could help. My Insurance Company created a three way call so they could participate in our discussion. We were told that the payment had been mailed to the wrong address, information that had been obtained in mid-December. At that time my Insurance Company was assured that a stop payment order on that check had been issued and a check would be mailed to the correct address. That never happened. And while the three way progressed or should I say deteriorated to the point of requesting a supervisor my agent and I waited for at least 20 minutes only to be hung up on. Ocwen appears to be the most inept company in the world in which case by market theory they ought to be belly up. They aren’t which leaves us with a second intepretation. Ocwen engages in shoddy and shady business practices which provide no customer service but must produce great profits for teh company. Were they forced to address the issues and develop approproate protocol which would included meeting fidiciary obligations commensurate with Escrow accounts, their profits would plummet. I had to come up with money out of my pocket to keep the Policy from becoming void. If any hungry attorney out there reads this this seems fruitful ground for a class action lawsuit and the eventual shut dowjn of Ocwen with perhaps some fines or penalties for the executive officers running this syndicate.

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