Ocwen has continued to use their deceptive practice when they took over our mortgage from GMAC in January 2013. they threw a foreclosure on us immediately when were working a modification with GMAC. Then a fraudulant deed was used on our property the same time Ocwen threw the foreclosure. They finally rescinded the notice of default. But they still wouldn’t work with us on the modification because the fraudulent deed. they said we had to wait til the bankruptcy fraudulant deed was dealt with before they can do anything meaning we had to take care of it. we contacted the sheriff’s dept who did the incident report and this was inturn reported to the FBI . FBI couldn’t do much because it was a victimless crime. Yet our mortgage is growing. We kept attemptin to have them remove the bankruptcy so we can continue the modification. It did not happen as we continue to plead with the relationsh manager that they need to remove the fraudulent deed so we can move forward on the modification. it took until a year later where the relations manager’s supervisor removed it. Now we have to deal with the arrears added on for the modification when they shouldn’t have done the foreclosure they violated by dual tracking. We have been getting the run around since GMAC and GMAC also used their own tactics to prolong because they were going into bankruptcy. GMAC was using deceptic tactics stating we need additional information on your modification. Or we didn’t get it or you need to change the wording on your modification we didn’t get all documents when we have proof we sent it all. we kept being dragged on and on. I feel we have been deceived by Ocwen and GMAC. We were victims of robosigning on that fraudulant deed in Feb 2013. Yet we can’t get ocwen to work with us. Its been a battle to get anyone to hear us. We can’t even communicate with the relations manager there is a language barrier and she doesn’t understand what we are asking . we can never get an answer on our modification on whats going on. its like pulling tooth and nail with them. They used lack of information tactics. other deceptive practices and we still can’t get a true answer. I have all documentation to our correspondence emails. I would like to be part of a class action suit. If I can be contacted by someone to help me get on board with what Ocwen has done. Please give me some direction on who I may contact for any current class action law suits. my family has a good case we just need assistance in this. We live in California and we did file a complaint with CFBP and attorney generals office. our modification was supposed to be within reasonable amount to afford but instead they want us to pay 4000.00 a month when we originally were paying 1500.00. Its makes you feel they want you to fail on making payments. how can they still get away with this. can someone direct me to where I can join the class action law suit or where I need to go or contact. We all have to be in this together Jeanette Nichols (((redacted)))

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