If I could rate them a -1000, it wouldn’t be enough! I ordered a computer armoire on June 5th for $682.79. When it arrived it came in two separate boxes to put together. However, both boxes had the same parts and I could not put it together (there were 2 box #2’s instead of a box 1 and a box 2). So I called the company for a return. They came out and picked up the oldone and delivered a new the one a week later. However, this time it was white, and I ordered black. So I contacted them again for a replacement. I was told it would be the next week, but two weeks later another one arrived. This shipment had a box of white parts and a box of black parts. So i decided to do a partial refusal and keep the box that had the correct parts. I was told that I would have the correct parts the following Friday. Friday came and nothing was delivered. I called them again and they said it was never shipped, so I had to wait another week for replacement parts. A week later, no box and I got an email saying that it was out of stock and I would receive a refund within 72 hours. 72 hours later, no refund. I contacted them a minimum of 15 times since then trying to get my money back, but they keep telling me they are waiting on their warehouse department to verify that it had been picked up. I had to take time off work so I could fax them the return pickup documents, and still norefund. They said they needed to talk to the courier, so I faxed them his name and cell number, and still no refund. Here it is, almost 2 MONTHS later, and still no refund and no item. I was ripped off, and they say that they don’t owe me anything because their warehouse can’t give them any info. Then they had the audacity to tell me they will give me 10% off my next purchase, are you kidding me? I will go out of my way to shop ANYWHERE besides Office Depot, even though there is one less than 1 mile from where I live. If they spent half as much time making sure the shipment was right in the first place as they did makingsure their item was picked up (and still not returning my money), we never would have had a problem.

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