The day after Thanksgiving sales target Christmas gifts. My daughter bought me a gift, an optical mouse, the Friday after Thanksgiving. I opened it Chrismas morning. She told me that there was a rebate and she wanted to file the rebate. She wasn’t given any paperwork at the register but saw it on the sign in the store when she purchased the item. I helped her out by pulling up the form on the website. nTurns out that the rebate form had to be postmarked by 26 Dec 2005 to be valid. Since 26 Dec 2005 was a Federal Holiday, there was no mail, 24 Dec 2005 would have been the last day to mail the rebate. In order to get the rebate they advertised, you had to give a gift with the UPC cut out of it or give the gift prior to Christmas eve. nI called the store manager and he basically said he didn’t have anything to do with it and it wasn’t his problem. After all, they gave her 4 weeks after purchase. I asked for a District Manager’s name and number and was told that information couldn’t be released. It’s bad enough that they target adults, but now they are even ripping off kids. I guess I should thank them for teaching my daughter a valuable lesson, never trust OfficeMax and shop elsewhere. nJudinColumbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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