officemax at the shortline in washington asistant manager promised me a rebate and lied to me and i got no rebate!! i bought software there for $79 dollars with a $20.00 dollar rebate the next day and he promised to give me a rebate that was real. he did not. nhe siad because i bought the software the day before the rebate sale he would make things ok for me and give me a chance to collect the money over the phone but when i went to the store he told me i could not. i went back home to get the software that i did not open yet and bring it back for a refund in order to be valid for the rebate and the big jerk said he knew what i was doing and would not take it back even though i had a reciept. i found the same software at costco for $29 dollars total and wanted to buy it there instead but the officemax did not give me my money back they said they do not return software unopened or dont price match either with costco even though the reciept says unopened software can be returned for full purchase price. nthis man this manager was very rude to me and raised his voice when i try to explain my sitaution to them. his name is kraig and he does not like latino customers.all i wanted was a good sale deal and for them to help me to save money i didnot open the software so i beleive it is my rights to be able to take it back for a refund if i want to buy it somewhere else like costco. i try to call the real store manager instead of this kraig mananger and cannot talk to him. i talked to a fat salesman in the store that says that officemax does this to people right now becuase they are having slow sales season. he was a nice man and should be the manager instead of this kraig man. ni say to stay away from this store now because they are conmen and this store does not want the customers or make them happy. nRobertonShoreline, WashingtonU.S.A. Shoreline, Washington U.S.A.

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