This entity hired me as an Assistant Director of Nursing. The offer letter was signed 12/27/2017. The hiring paperwork (I-9 & W4 forms) were completed following clearance.of background and drug screen. I relinquished several alternate opportunities to accept this position. The start date was January 15, 2018. On January 8, 2018 Lynette Turner contacted me stating the company was restructuring at the ADON position was no longer available. However, I could work as a intake nurse or floor nurse for 33hr. with 3 12 hour shifts. I asked Ms. Turner to place all discussed via telephone I’m writing. She stated she would, however, did not. Several email transmittals were sent to follow up and confirm our conversation, that Ms. Turner in HR, Erin Phillips DON, and Angel Piper CEO ignored. To date I have nothing in writing. | Ms. Turner called me on January 10, 2018 call recorded to state she will provide a letter, however can no longer offer any alternate positions as she previously verbalized. I would not want to work for an unethical company as this one and advise any alternate employee to never apply with this entity. Based on the salary promised and start date outlined in letter and completion of hiring paperwork, I relinquished an upcoming contract position on the HEDIS project and alternative offers. I was warned that this entity was unorganized and hires “friends”. It is unlikely the position is going away due to restructure as Lynette Turner noted and these behaviors are detrimental to employees that have made livelihood modifications.


  • Name: Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Columbus
  • Address: 880 Greenlawn Ave
  • Phone: (877) 762-9026
  • Website: