Micro Mini pig Bait and Switch, Unhealthy Animals, Breeder only cares about Money


My Complaint: I paid in advance for 2 pigs off this website, the pigs looked nothing like the photos posted on the site, the breeder claimed he accidentally gave away one of the pigs i purchased and just gave me another one (that i didnt not get to choose). The pig i did not get to choose had to be put down after a month 1/2. The breeder not only used the bait and switch tactic but also gave me an animal that was not in good health and refused to replace the pig. He said he would only give me $25 dollars off another pig. (the pigs were hundreds of dollars so that was not a reasonable discount) esp since i had only had the pig for a month 1/2


My Demand: I dont want anything from this breeder. He obviously only cares about money and not the well being of the animals he raises.