Complaint: Our two nephews were taken out of a loving home because my youngest nephew had seizures. A doctor from OU Children’s said that he had baby shaken syndrome and reported it to Department of Human Services in Oklahoma county. They removed my oldest nephew out of the home and also took my youngest nephew from the hospital when he was relased. My husband and I tried to apply for a kinship placement, and they acted like we would qualify. They even stated we were good candidates and then all of a sudden they said no we aren’t making the exception because of the amount of kids you have . We only have two kids. They said there was just too many under the age of four and they’re not making the exception. So they placed both of my nephews in the Adams home in Comanche County. About three weeks after the parents lost their rights which was basically an unjust trial to begin with, Heather Adams murdered my oldest nephew. There was also reports that there was prior bruising prior to the murder. DHS didn’t notify the parents till March 19, 2015 but he died on March 15, 2015. They also said that he died from an accident which was a lie because it was murder. We have applied for another kinship for my other nephew that is still alive. They placed it as an emergency kinship and it’s been about two weeks now and they still haven’t decided. They have done our house visit and they keep telling us they’re going to make a decision by a certain day but when that day comes the decision still hasn’t been made then we find out our paperwork is just getting tossed around to everybody cause nobody will sit down and make the decision and have a meeting that they said they were gonna have. The parents shouldn’t of had the kids removed in the first place there’s not even enough evidence for the baby shaking syndrome that they accused them of. So, they are trying to fight for the rights for their only son that is still alive. We also found out to that they were fostering a 13-year-old that got removed before our nephew got murdered because of mental abuse that was going on in that house. We just want to foster our only nephew so nothing bad happens to him and to give the parents a peace of mind that he’s taking care of until the parents can get their rights back for their only son, and get him back safe and sound. DHS has no sympathy and doesn’t care about what happened to our nephew. The parents have never been investigated by DHS nor have they ever abused their kids. Oklahoma DHS took both of our nephews out of a really good home and placed them with the monster of Heather Adams And never really looked into the prior abuse that our nephew was facing.

Tags: Family Services

Address: Oklahoma USA