Fake International Sweepstakes Scam


My Complaint: My parents received a letter in the mail from “Old Mutual Financial Incorporated” stating that they were “An Independent Body” that had been assigned by the sweepstakes organization to inform and assist them in the process of receiving their winnings in the amount of $250,000. The letter informed them that they had won the 2nd prize in the “EUROPEAN, AFRICAN and NORTH AMERICAN Consumer Sweepstakes” telling them that they had won a prize of $250,000 and then had a check enclosed for the amount of $3,650 and told them that before doing anything they would need to call “RITA ADAMS @ 1-877-213-6411” so that she could activate the check, they wanted my parents to cash the check and send them back $3,300 (so they would end up keeping $350) as a Processing Fee !!!THIS IS A SCAM!!! people like this send the checks out and request for others to cash a check and send back the majority of the check and have them keep so much of it whether it be for processing or any other reason. The scam artists do this to clear the money and have someone else take the fall for a Fraudulent Check !!!THESE THINGS NEED TO COME TO A STOP!!!


My Demand: Catch the ones responsible for this fraud/scam