I place an order on January 15, 2005 at 4:23 PM (eastern time). My credit card was charged for $83.39 on January 18th. On January 17th I was sent an email stating that one of the item was no longer available and my total order price would be adjusted. On January 19th my credit card was charged $75.91. Now my account is over drafted! I called today at 8:04am (eastern time) and the lady said an “authorization hold”” was put on my account when I first placed the order. So why was the $74.83 taken out of the $83.89 amount instead of charging me twice for the same order. I also don’t appreciate something being “”out of stock”” once I had already been charged for it! I will do my online shopping else where! nAccording to this link from their website: my credit card is not charged until my order is shipped-but you have charged me twice! No where on the website does it say a hold will be placed on credit cards before orders are shipped! I want the $83.39 back into my account and the $25.00 my bank charges for overdrafts. nI am very unhappy with this service. I will report this incident to the ripoffscams.com website to let others know! I want this situation corrected IMMEDIATELY. nMarienDayton


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