Complaint: To give some backgorund information. On April 19 I paid my Master Card in full so that there was zero balance on it. Bewtween that date and April 27 I did not use the card. On April 27, 2014 my wife and I had lunch with her brother and sister-in-law at Olive Garden, Willow Grove, Pa. Our share of the bill came to $36.40. I paid with my Master Card. On April 28 that was the only charge pending on my card. On May 1 I received a Transaction Alert from Capital One showing a purchase of $653 at a tool rental place, (The Tool House Rental). I immediately called the credit card company and explained that I did not make such a purchase. I asked him where this place was and he looked it up and told me Brooklyn, New York. I replied that I have never been to Brooklyn. He looked at my account further and it showed a $259 charge at a Marshall’s in Brooklyn as well (my Transaction Alert dolloar amoiunt was for anything over $500 – I have since lowered it). I explained that the only time I had used the card was at Olive Garden in Willow Grove on the 27th which he verified. The only conclusion that we could come up with was that between the time the card was taken for payment and returned the card was somehow “skimmed””. Capital One has filed Fraud Reports on both purchases. What their investigation

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Address: if anything

Website: 2328 W Moreland Rd Willow Grove, Pennsylvania USA

Phone: turns up remains to be seen. Over the last couple of years there have been similar reports from various Olive Gardens around the country. This is a lesson to me not to eat at this or any other Olive Garden ever again and a warning to others that may eat there