Complaint: Date of Incident: 10/17/2010 Time of Incident: around 10 pm to 10:05 pm Location: Olive Garden restaurant on 1545 Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-735-0082 On the night of 10/17/2010, our party of six arrived at Olive Garden restaurant around 9:20 PM. There were very few people in their waiting area and the hostess came and talk to our group at least 3 times to let us know that they have not forgotten about us and they are preparing our table. Olive Garden closes at 10 PM. We got our food at around 9:55 PM . We just now got our hot food and proceeded to eat. My sister in Law (lucy) now decided she needed to get a sweater in the car because she was cold. It was taking awhile for her to come back and my other sister in Law (Mary) received a call from Lucy stating that she is outside the front entrance of the restaurant and the staff would not let her back in. Mary went to the front entrance to talk to the staff and she returned angry because they will not let her sister back in. Mary’s boyfriend also went to the front entrance to talk to the staff and he also came back angry because they would not allow Lucy back in. I finally went to the front to talk to the General Manager and hostesses. The hostess kept apologizing to me. The General Manager proceeded to tell me that he cannot let Lucy back in because it’s Olive Garden’s policy that they do not let anyone in after 10 PM for employee safety. I tried to reason to the manager that she did not know this but all he kept saying was it’s for employee safety and that if he lets her in then he would have to shut down the whole restaurant. He said this with such an uncaring attitude. I would like to make a comment regarding Employee Safety. Are Olive Garden employees safer at 8pm, 9pm, 9:30pm, 10pm, 10:01pm etc I don’t remember anyone asking me whether I was carrying a weapon on me when I walked in the restauranthow do they know that they were safe? Are the Olive Garden employees walked to their car after they get off from work for safety or is the INSIDE of the restaurant considered the “HOLY GROUND””! I have never heard of policy stopping a potential robber or criminal. If someone really wants to get in Olive Garden after closing time–all they would have to do in slip inside as a customer was going out. I have eaten in a lot of Olive Garden restaurants even in different states and not once have I seen security in the premises. The General Manager never once mentioned Customer Safetywhich makes it more apparent that Customer Safety is not important to Olive Garden! He also told me that I shouldn’t be rude to himI guess locking someone outside the restaurant while her hot food was waiting on the table WAS NOT RUDE! I was so distraughtI told the manager that Olive Garden wasted my time to have dinner with my family that they should pay me for coming to Olive Garden instead of me paying them. I told the manager that I want all the food on the table packed and I am not paying for a single penny. My TIME is VALUABLE just like everyone else. I saw one of the hostess whispered something to our waiter. Apparently the manager ok’d it because our waiter packed up all our food. We all left the restaurant very upset

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Website: but I can’t go back in the restaurant to pay due to employee safety. Wow — what a novel idea to get free meals at Olive Garden. Now–maybe you’re seeing how stupid this policy is. It’s unbelievable that this is happening in this century and this country. I served over 8 years active duty Air Force and several years as a reservist and I have never had this emotional trauma of disrespect

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