On Wednesday December 31, 2008 at about 9:40 AM I placed an order with OMB for 4 items, a pair of 5.11 Tactical Class A dark navy uniform pants and three pair of 5.11 Tactical socks. The order confirmation number for this sale was P0156914 and was placed with a person by the name of Mitch. This order was paid for by using a Visa card. The Visa card sale was approved and my account debited for the sale price amount. nLater that afternoon, I received a phone call from Donna at OMB at about 3:44 PM CST claiming that she had been instructed by her boss to contact me because my credit card was DECLINED. She went back and forth with her boss several times before she finally transferred me to her boss, who it turns out is the very same Mitch that took the order 6 hours earlier. nMitch went on to say that somehow the approval number for my sale could not be located (not my fault) and that the credit card company would not credit me back unless the credit card company was given the approval code from OMB Express Police Supply. Since OMB Express Police Supply could not find the number, the credit card company could not credit my account. (not my fault) Mitch then had a three way phone call with myself, himself and the credit card company where again the lost approval code could not be recovered (not my fault). During this phone call with the credit card company supervisor, Mitch became very arrogant and rude and claimed that he would just cancel my order. On the recorded phone line, I specifically told Mitch that I was not giving any permission to cancel the order as OMB already had my money, refused to ship the items and according to the credit card company, my balance would not be restored until after January 6th, 2009 at the earliest. Mitch then showed even more unprofessional conduct when he hung up upon both the credit card supervisor and myself. nI went ahead and placed the order, OMB Police Supply ran my card, my card was charged the the full sale amount, I was given a confirmation number and I thought all was done. That was until someone at OMB Police Supply lost the approval code that the bank gave them, deliberately decided to punish the customer for this error, called me and tried to get me to fix their error, then claimed to cancel the order without permission (illegally in my opinion), refused to ship the item, hung up on me multiple times, refused to call me back or return an email, then went home and left the customer hanging on the phone with no help! As a result, I am out my money, have no merchandise that I paid for and can not now go and purchase the same merchandise elsewhere because OMB Express Police Supply refused to provide the bank with the generated approval code. As the credit card supervisor clearly told me, your account would not have the charge on it had an approval code not been created and not been sent to the merchant. nNow both Mitch and Bob Ralph have refused to ship the items and have issued a refund to my credit card and further told me that they don’t desire to business with me. But wait, in order to issue the refund, they would have had to have received an approval in the first place from VISA to proceed with the sale. nBeware of OMB Police Supply; they advertise one thing, sell you another, take you money, refuse to ship your product, make the customer out to be the bad guy for the OMB error, then cancel your approved sale. nThey have absolutely no clue as to what customer service is. nTrust me, my uniform dollar allowance will never be used there again. And I plan on telling every public employee, fire fighter, and LEO I know about how bad their service is and how bad they treated me. Yes, I do have the bank print outs of the charges being debited to my account, the html page with the advertised prices and the bank recorded the call with Mitch! nDannMarion, OhioU.S.A.

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