Complaint: I am a sales professional by choice and firmly believe that if I give a man my work I am speaking not only for myself but the company I represent. I purchased 2 boxes of meat for an Omega Meats sales Rep. After thawing their product out and cooking it I found their product lacking in everything that could be interpreted as good. The meat was eating a piece a leather and the chicken like eating chewing gum. I was promised a full refund if I was not completley satisfied. Guess what…not didn’t happen. I am not the type of person that looks to bad mouth small companies, however if that company is ripping consumers off i feel it’s my obligation to inform my neighbors of some of my issues and let them make a good sound decisions before spending their money. Their boxes say NET wT of 2.5 lbs, that equals $12.00 per pound…

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Address: 7209 Cessna Drive Greensboro, North Carolina United States of America


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